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Mobile acoustic walls make it easy to isolate a sound or noise source from the environment. The acoustic walls we offer are the latest in movable, durable versions, developed with our customers' needs in mind. It is a system that allows you to control the sound easily and efficiently. In the future, it will be enough to build mobile acoustic walls to create a place to practice playing the drums or guitar or to reduce the noise in the production hall. A phone conversation with a customer ends up going without a call from the next table. We've probably all had a conversation with a call center worker where people's voices are heard over each other, this acoustic wall works great for such solutions. Simple assembly allows this wall to be used on virtually any flat surface.

Product advantages:

  • One of the highest absorption coefficients (sound absorption up to 95%)
  • Has a uniform sound absorption characteristic
  • Eliminates noise and sound reflections, easily separates the source of sound or noise from the environment
  • The use of a mobile acoustic wall reduces the reverberation time in poorly equipped rooms
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Uniform material structure
  • Easy to assemble walls
  • Safe for health, non-crumbling, non-oxidizing
  • Ability to connect several screens together in any configuration
  • Mobility - the screens are not assigned to a specific location, they can be moved to where they are needed at the moment
  • Possibility to hang screens on the wall or ceiling
  • Made with extreme care, powder coated
  • An option is to put your company's logo on the acoustic wall.

Available mobile wall colors:

  •  Light grey
  • Dark graphite
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Dark blue

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