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Acoustic wall (ceiling) lamellas are attached to black felt. It is perfect for all interior spaces - incl. bedrooms, kitchens, public rooms. Finishing with lamellae will give each space its own character. You can cover the entire wall or a fragment of it. They are durable and do not require maintenance or impregnation.

Product features:

  • Simple and cheap installation using mounting adhesive
  • Lamellas are natural color on black felt, optical increase of space
  • Fashionable design and aesthetic finish
  • Strong material and pleasant touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be cut easily and quickly
  • The lamellae do not require additional maintenance

Area of ​​use:

  • Wall and ceiling interiors: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants and other public and private spaces.
  • It is perfect as a headboard or TV wall, as well as in the workplace (both at home and in the business space). It can be as a fragment or decoration of the entire wall (ceiling decoration). 

Installation of acoustic panels:

NOTE - Remember to prepare the surface before installing the panels. It must be smooth, clean, degreased and primed. Use safety glasses, gloves and a mask when installing.

  1. Prepare the necessary tools: a knife for cutting wallpaper, glue, a ruler, a spirit level (simple or laser), a pencil and a marker
  2. Draw a plan for how to distribute the panels on the adapted surface
  3. The panels can be installed in several ways:
  • Spray the S shape on the wall or ceiling with adhesive, then turn the panel over on its back and spray with adhesive (X and edges). After waiting for 5 seconds, press the panel with an open hand over the entire surface at the installation site.
  • This installation is recommended on ceilings and walls that are not completely smooth, such as aerated concrete.We use two adhesives for installation: "Liquid nails" which is a fixing adhesive applied with a gun, and aerosol adhesive which is an auxiliary contact adhesive in spray form.

Using "Liquid Nails" glue, apply the envelope shape on the panel, then spray the S-shape on the panel and the wall with spray adhesive and press the panel at the installation location after waiting for 5 seconds.

Technical specifications:

Composition of the panel

acoustic felt + MDF or MDF with decorative suede

Lamella measurements - mm.

2600/200/20 (5 lamellae)-0.52 m2

2600/240/20 (6 lamellae)-0.62 m2

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