Isotop MSN/Z - SD/Z

Isotop MSN/Z - SD/Z
Isotop MSN/Z - SD/Z Isotop MSN/Z - SD/Z
Brand: Getzner
Isotop® tension elements consist of a spring element, connection nuts for threaded rods and either a rectangular tube housing or open steel sheet housing (LC-model). All Isotop® MSN/Z + MSN/Z-LC have connection thread M8 and Isotop® SD/Z has connection thread M10. As an option, all tension elements are also available with a damping core inside. On request, we also can deliver these elements with a pre-stressed spring.
Field of application
Isotop® tension elements have a natural frequency, depending on the load, down to approx. 3.2 Hz and are used for:
— Suspension elements from ceilings and steel constructions,
— Source isolation of ceiling-hung ventilators, fans, extractors, air conditioners, pipe lines etc.,
— Receiver isolation of sensitive electronic measuring equipment in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation as well as in pipe line and ceiling construction,
— Percussion isolation of all sorts of machines.
Required data for selection
— Total weight to be absorbed
— Number and location of points of support
— Centre of gravity
— Structural shape of the device
— Direction of load
— Lowest disturbing frequency (rotational speed or number of strokes)
— Element dimensions and connecting threads of the elements within the type series MSN/Z and MSN/Z-LC or SD/Z are uniform, which guarantees exchangeability,
— As a result of the open construction of the spring elements, the source is connected to the suspension point only via the spring. The spring element can oscillate in the horizontal plane without restriction,
— The spring is clearly visible, which allows checking of its condition without dismantling. The distance between spring coils is visible under load.
Selection table

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