Isotop SD

Isotop SD
Isotop SD
Brand: Getzner
Isotop® SD steel spring vibration isolators consist of two spring elements with M 10 internal thread and a cylindrical screw spring designed according to DIN EN10270-1: 2001. Height adjustment is done via a threaded rod M 10 with three nuts and three locking washers for level adjustment and weight distribution. Corrosion protection: Optional corrosion protection, either galvanized or cataphoresis coated (KTL).
Field of application
Isotop® SD elements have a natural frequency, depending on the load, down to approx. 3.2 Hz and are used for:
— Source isolation of ventilators, fans, extractors, air conditioners, compressors, emergency power units, pumps etc.
— Receiver isolation of sensitive electronic assemblies, measuring equipment, scales, test beds etc.
— Percussion isolation of all sorts of machines.
Required data for selection
— Total weight to be absorbed
— Number and location of points of support
— Centre of gravity
— Structural shape of the device (dimensions)
— Direction of load
— Lowest disturbing frequency (rotational speed or number of strokes)
—Construction height, diameter and connection thread are identical for all types, which guarantees exchangeability.
— As a result of the open construction, the source is connected to the foundation point only via the spring. The spring element can oscillate in the horizontal plane without restriction.
— The spring is clearly visible, which allows checking of its condition without dismantling. The distance between spring coils is visible under load.
— Accessories, base plate and height adjustment are universally applicable for all types.
Selection table

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