Sylomer HD

Sylomer HD
Brand: Getzner
Unlike Sylodyn® and Sylomer®, which have spring properties, Sylomer HD is made of high-tech polyurethane with special damping characteristics for shock absorption.

There are 3 standard types of material with the range of static load limit from 0,015 N/mm2 to 0,2 N/mm2.

Standard size of the material is 5,0m х 1,5m; thickness 25mm (HD30 and HD100 are also available with 12,5mm).  One full roll diameter is 0,35m (HD30 or HD100 12,5mm thick) or 0,85m (1,5m long).

Product properties

    Mixed cellular structure
    Mechanical loss factor 0,4-0,6
    High damping characteristics

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