Isotop MSN

Isotop MSN
Brand: Getzner
Isotop® MSN steel spring vibration isolators consist of two spring elements with M 8 internal thread and a cylindrical screw spring according to DIN EN 13906-1:2001, tolerances according to DIN 2095. The spring elements and the screw spring are inseparably connected with a special 2-component compound. On request MSN steel spring vibration isolator can be galvanized or cataphoresis coated with RAL 9005 (deep black). Special coatings or colors are possible on request.
Field of application
Isotop® MSN elements have a natural frequency, depending on the load, down to approx. 3.5 Hz and are manly used for:
— Compressors
— Extractors
— Small ventilators
— Small fans
— Audio loud speakers
— Pumps
— Emergency power units
Required data for selection
— Total weight to be absorbed
— Number and location of points of support
— Centre of gravity
— Structural shape of the device
— Direction of load
— Lowest disturbing frequency (rotational speed or number of strokes)
— Low construction height
— Low resonant frequency
— Construction height, diameter and connection thread are identical for all types which guarantees exchangeability
— Condition of spring elements is clearly visible due to the open construction
— Durable, compact design
Selection table

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