Brand: Getzner
The material for the most stringent requirements Sylodyn® is used as a vibration protection solution on local and inter-city railway lines, but also for isolating impact noise in floors and on stairs, as a bearing for buildings or machines, or for isolating noise between walls, floors and ceilings. Sylodyn® is a closed-cell elastomer that does not absorb water. In comparison to Sylomer®, the material offers improved dynamic properties.

Product properties

    Pronounced spring characteristics
    Closed cellular pore structure
    Suitable for very high loads


    High dynamic load capacity
    Static continuous load of standard types from 0.075 N/mm2 to 1.5 N/mm2, special types to 2.5 N/mm2
    Load peaks up to 8 N/mm2
    Very low amplitude dependence
    Low creep tendency
    Stiffening factor (Cdyn/Cstat) from 1.15 to 1.40
    Proven long-term behaviour
    Fatigue strength
    Finely graded range (five standard types) for optimum system design
    Ability to provide customer-specific modifications

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